About Us

Shea Butter with a Twist!

Experience Mother Earth's treasures in each of our signature butters.  Our African Shea Butter is enhanced with flower bouquets, exotic fruits, rich musks or rejuvenating herbs and spices. 

It is our mission and our cause to enrich the lives of people in our communities and provide products to benefit the skin's health as well as family financial wealth.

The Karite nut provides a valuable source of food, medicine and income for the West African population.   Even the destruction of the Karite tree or Shea tree is prohibited.  Many women in West Africa are employed in the production of Shea butter.  This "women's gold" has been a valuable income source for many Africans and is just as valuable for us.

We uphold the integrity of our intentions as we become an even more successful community enterprise.  We are firm on developing programs to enrich communities at large through partnerships with forward thinking mass retailers as well as individuals with entrepreneurial spirit.


    - Von Berry